AIR 19 | Iggi N’Tarikte


Connect Institute went in a new quest for natural beauty. The destination was a mountainous spot about 6 km from Taghazout beach. In about 4 hours, the participants walked 12 km in a rough nature, with Najat and Assim taking the lead.
Upon the instructions of Assim, all phones were turned off, and each participant had to seek an object which resembled him in nature. Ikbal Bouziane found herself in a snail’s shell: “This shell resembles the place to which I go back once I’m done of discovering and experiencing the outer world” she said, while Rachid Akdim found his reflection in a small stone which has been cut off from a larger rock: “Somehow, I also feel that I’m cut off from something larger” he commented.
The journey was long and tough, but the experience was unparalleled. “Connect Institute is the place wherein I learned to go through hardships to attend at my aspirations.”, said Ali Tataousst commenting on the journey.




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