Saudi Arabia's Female Candidates

[p+100+20] : La femme en Arabie Saoudite selon New York Times


Pour l’exercice [p+100+20] de cette semaine, il s’agissait d’écrire une synthèse de 100 mots sur le documentaire de Mona El-Naggar et Adam Bolt, Ladies First: Saudi Arabia’s Female Candidates.
Voici le texte de Mohamed Chiboub:

This video shows a concrete example of women’s rights violation in conservative countries like KSA. This situation reflects the neglect of women’s role in Arab communities by treating them merely like a useless component of the society.
Hanging out alone and car driving prohibition in addition to other cruel women rights infringement aims to discriminate women to the limit and enhance men’s domination and narcissism.
A cultural revolution besides an open minded education to the next generations is the only way to change this current situation and reconsider the importance of women in the Arabic conservative community.

By Mohamed Chiboub

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