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INSPIRATION: One World Institute – Norvège



DRH Norway is another kind of school situated 35 km from the Olympic city Lillehammer. An

inspiring environment where people gather and work together to fulfil their goals.  A collective of different ages (youngest 18 and no upper age limit), with different educational backgrounds and from different countries in Europe bound with ideals, with dreams and hopes for a better world.

The school runs different programs: “Fighting with the Poor”, “Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn”, “Summer in Europe”. The one I was part of is the “Fighting with the Poor”and is divided in different periods during 2 and a half years.

The curriculum enhances the students through practical action, to gain a deep understanding of and respect for other people in order to take a stand against narrow-mindless, inequality and poverty. The team is busy with lots of challenges, travels, investigations, discussions, studies, living and running the school together 24/7.

In the school and along the program nothing comes for granted. Particularly in the team: you have to work hard, you need to have so many discussions until reaching a common conclusion, you fight, you laugh, you cry and you have so much fun. All of them matter! Matter, because you learn to be tolerant, to listenbefore speaking, to try to understand before judging, to be patient with people around and

give yourself time to learn, to not be afraid of doing different things and starting all over again, to negotiate the price of the train ticket in the train station, to ask for food randomly (whenneeded and in case you are out of money-situation which might happen during the program while being out of the school), you learn you have energy and skills to make things which you never imagined before,to appreciate the less you have and the much youare able to give.

The program takes you on different journeys around Asia or Africa (depending on your own preferences and consented with your teammates with whom you choose to travel together with). With the same team, you will travel to your project where during 6 months you live and volunteer in a certain development project.

The outcomes of the whole program are different for each student, depending on its personality, goals and dreams. Personally, made me comprehend that people gathered together for a goal will succeed easier and with less effort than by doing it all by themselves. I realized that if you want to progress you have to share and agree on the tasks accordingly with the ones you are working with in order to lead you to the future you envisage. As an African proverb nicely says it: “If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


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