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FLASH de La L-92


I took a taxi a bit late to go back home. And as usual either I drive with drunk or stinky men (no offense?)…

I blocked my ears with Evora’s music, feeling like I m in her island….but there are no nosephones to stop me from smelling what my nose was obliged to be exposed to. Anyhow, I took my perfume to introduce my presence too in the midst of the natural perfumes floating in the air… As soon as the driver smell my perfume, he said: “miss its forbidden to use perfume in a taxi … you might kill someone”

Me: hemm okey I am sorry

But in my head, I wanted to argue back then I decided to save my energy for the remaining work I have. ..other than telling him about the freaking heart attack I was getting from my neighbors!

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FLASH de La Lettre N°78

Je roule en vélo sur une voie prétendument cyclable en essayant d’éviter les bouches d’égouts, certaines étant abîmées. Il faut me comprendre, je n’ai qu’un petit vélo, l’un de ces nouveaux modèles à la mode pliables…
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FLASH de La Lettre N°77

Dans le hall de cet établissement public, deux dames d’un certain âge papotent, ont l’air de bien se connaître. Passe alors un monsieur portant un badge qui indique qu’il est employé dans cet établissement…
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