ÉDUCATION – Besoin de rupture


Voici une vidéo sur laquelle ont travaillé les jeunes de MOMKIN. En quelques minutes, cette vidéo retrace l’histoire du système actuel, inspiré par les autres formes d’organisation économique devenues aujourd’hui obsolètes

Lien vers la video : Ken Robinson – Changing education paradigms

Asma Achmahou a écrit un texte en 100 mots à ce sujet.

Changing education paradigms, an interesting video by Sir Ken Robinson. The later has explained the issue of the modern system of education, which he considered unsuitable for our current generation. We have been told that being smart and intelligent is linked to our academic level, which is not the case. It is more linked to creativity and divergent thinking which are totally ignored by school. In public school we do not learn, we memorize instead and recite on command. The fact is that earning a diploma in this age is nothing but a certification that we know how to obey, it’s an announcement that we no longer have our own thoughts or the will to use them.

By Asma Achmahou


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