CINÉMA – Perfect Strangers de Paolo Genovese


Cette semaine, nos jeunes ont organisé la projection-débat du film Italien “Perfect Stranger”, réalisé par Paolo Genovese et sortie en 2016, détenteur du prix David di Donatello du meilleur film.

Une comédie dramatique qui raconte l’histoire de sept amis de longue date qui lorsqu’ils se sont réunis pour un dîner, décident à travers un jeu de partager le contenu de leurs textos, mails et appels téléphoniques respectifs. Les choses sont devenues de plus en plus sérieuses à mesure que de gros secrets se dévoilent.

Voici ce qu’en a pensé Abdessamad :

“This week, MOMKIN participants watched the Italian movie : Perfect strangers directed by Paolo Genovese. 

The movie tells the story of seven friends : Three married couples and a newlywed couple. They gather together to have dinner and watch the moon eclipse. During their talk on the dining table, they decided to play a game. To place their mobile phone on the table and to accept that the content of all the communications they will receive during the evening (messages and phone calls) is revealed to everyone present. 

This film, through the game suggested by one of the friends, explores the dynamics and the rules of every relationship, romantic or otherwise. It starts with small agreements and continues with questionable lifestyle choices. It ends up bringing to light clandestine relationships, enormous misunderstandings, and reveals the unspoken and unaddressed past. Mobile phones seem to play a huge role in this movie as it is the tools that allows all the dirty and dark hidden secrets to fly out, disturbing the peace during dinner. 

After watching the movie, we gathered in a circle for a discussion. Many ideas and visions had been expressed and shared which I found sincerely interesting as it makes you conscious of your colleagues’ differences and diversity. This discussion pushed me to think of how much everyone’s input creates a group dynamic of complementarity and enrichment.”

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