Visite DRH Norway

Une semaine avec DRH Norway


Connect Institute a reçu trois étudiants de DRH Norway, une occasion pour nos jeunes d’échanger et discuter avec ces trois jeunes venus de différents contextes.

Témoignages :

Ivana (Slovakia)

Last week I’ve arrived to Connect Institute without knowing much about the actual activities. Yet, I got to discover beautiful young people with open minds and hearts, with dreams, visions and talents. Youth that are not afraid to ask questions and face the answers. Those who dare to think beyond the borders, rules and out of the box. Despite the strong religious background of the country, I didn’t feel any difficulties or obstacles on our way and we ‘connected’ easily.
I hope that sharing our experience and knowledge will bring useful information and broaden cultural awareness on both sides. This week spent in Agadir has left a colorful memory in my mind. Thank you all, folks!

Alban (Hungary)

Dear all at Connect Institute,

After my trip to India, Morocco was a pleasant surprise and experience with its people, culture, and environment. And Connect Institute was another beautiful surprise with its aromatic herb garden and talented youth.
I am grateful for all the help and guidance I got from you guys about Morocco. Moreover, I found the debates very interesting and enriching. I enjoyed my time there and I am glad that I met all of you.
I wish everyone joyful studies.

Lulia : 

“I spent one week at Connect Institute together with 2 of my colleagues from DRH Norway. We participated in all the daily activities, from creative writing, to debating, cooking, and many others. In order to show the Connect Institute participants a glimpse of the DRH Norway’s “Fighting with the poor” program that I was a part of, I chose to make a presentation about my volunteering experience in Mozambique for 6 months.

Together with 2 participants, Latifa and Anouar, we made a short recital performing 2 songs in English, and 1 in both Arabic and Romanian in order to symbolize our cooperation during the week spent together.

My teammates and I organized a teambuilding evening, showing the Connect Institute’s participants different activities and games to do in order to better the communication, trust and teamwork in a group, all while having a great time.

We took part in the debating session organized by the institute in which we got to discover a lot more about a common day of a Moroccan student and their daily struggles. Moreover, we developed a lot on the subject of the Moroccan health system, unveiling a lot of opinions and experiences of the participants.

Another activity I enjoyed was the discussion, during the [p+100+20] exercise, we had concerning practices, rules, and changes in the field of religion in Morocco. I was surprised to hear a lot of new information, and strong argumentation concerning religious practices and how they’ve changed in the last decades.

The creative writing session was another new activity I tried while visiting Connect Institute that I enjoyed because it was an experience I have never had before. Challenging your mind to think and explore other routes than it’s normally done, is a great way to spark new ideas.

All in all, my time spent in the Connect Institute was highly enjoyable. I found a group of people very passionate, bright, with open eyes and hungry minds. I have learned many new things about Morocco and its people and I am grateful for the Connect Institute team for this experience!”



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