New Ways to Teach Young Children to Code


During the last session of DARDACHA#14, Ahmed gave a presentation on the basis of an article published on The Wall Street Journal and that explains the ways or strategies that can help teach coding to young children.

The article was introduced by the emphasis on the significance of programming not only as a way to establish a promising carrier , but also as a way of thinking and solving sophisticated problems.Afterwards, it moved to elaborate on the actual ways of teaching coding. One includes utilising visual programming languages as Scratch, Blocky, or Turtle Block as well as websites like Code.org and Codingkidz.com. The other way involves using everyday tasks to teach the sophisticated concepts of programming as looping,conditioning or functions.The article did not forget to bring to surface some of the don’ts that should be avoided when about to teach pupils how to code. Finally,The conclusion was devoted to illustrate the benifits of programming on individuals either on their professional carriers or personal lives.

By Ahmed Ouaben


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