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[p+100+20] : Exercice de synthèse et d’écriture


Pour l’exercice de cette semaine, nous avons envoyé à nos participants l’article “Oceans and Clay” publié sur WaitButWhy en leur demandant d’en faire la synthèse en 100 mots.
Voici ce qu’a écrit Ayoub El Mouden:



In our responses to the numerous options we face throughout our life, one has to choose between seeking conformity or embracing rebelliousness. That’s what Tim Urban, the author of WaitButWhy blog, calls living a life as an ocean or a ball of clay.

While a life fully controlled by your own norms shows a trait of meaningfulness, it also came with a risk of messing up. Therefore, wisely balancing between the “Ocean” and “Clay” mode remains the realistic option.

As Albert Camus said: “Life is a sum of all your choices”. Thus, wherever life takes you learn from the experience and move forward.

By Ayoub El Mouden



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