Malika Zarra

MasterClass Malika ZARRA – Compte rendu par Ikbale BOUZIANE


Date: From 18th to 19th January, 2017.

Venue: Connect Institute.


Attending Mrs. MALIKA ZARRA’s master class for two days was the best thing that has happened to me during this week.

The master class:

After having to struggle with the traditional learning and examinations for more than four months, it was time for me to go through a shorter but more intensive learning process. When I have been told that Mrs. MALIKA ZARRA would facilitate a two-day training at our facilities, I was very thrilled to take part in it.

In fact, I am not a singer and I have never thought of taking trainings in such domain. However, I have become the kind of person who is totally convinced that it is always good to try new things and expand one’s knowledge in various areas.

As soon as the master class started, I realized that to sing is not about having a good or bad voice, because we are all gifted and all we need is training. Actually, the master class was not only about singing, but it also contained a variety of other activities.

Some of us made small groups and wrote songs which they performed, some improvised, and some others sang covers of songs that already existed adding their personal touch. During the two days, we were able to enhance our team-work, communication, and creativity skills by immediately putting what we have learned into practice. All the small groups worked together in the composition of many scats out of putting together numerous “Onomatopées”.

The FEED session:

Everything needs training, and those who are willing to improve are requested to go though permanent internal and external combats to bring the best out of themselves. Mrs. MALIKA ZARRA, alike any other Moroccan female, was opposed by her family for choosing to become a singer. Therefore, the parent-and-kid relationship question was raised during the artist’s talk with the youth. The participants provided their mates and guest with an inside view on how things go with their families.

Mrs. MALIKA ZARRA talked about her accomplishment and belief, and how they helped her step over the borders her family and society set for her. Indeed, she was an inspiration for me and listening to her gave me an extra boost that I needed to refresh the list of what I am planning to do with my life. I will forever keep in mind one sentence that she, and all the personalities that we received at the institute, said: “Decisions must be associated with actions.”

All in all, meeting such a cultivated artist and being able to have a private chat with her  was something that I have never thought I would be able to do. Her words will always resonate in my head reminding me to get up and have the audacity to go after my aims.

Malika Zarra

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