ÉCRITURE : La fin de l’actuelle École ?


Lors de la 5ème séance hebdomadaire CLÉ (communication, lecture et écriture), les participants ont lu un extrait d’un article rédigé par Mike Crowley, intitulé :
Modern Schools: Are We Ever Going to Get There?

Nos participants ont lu et commenté cet extrait, afin de rédiger chacun un texte de cent mots sur le sujet. Télécharger l’extrait de l’article.

Voici les 100 mots de Mariam Gamar, participante au programme MOMKIN.

Mike Crawely discusses through his article Ilish’s revolutionary theory that called to create a distinction between schooling and learning. This latter has three pillars: Create all needed resources for students, furnish those who want to make solutions for present issues with the necessary tools, and empower those who want to share their knowledge with the world.

I personally believe that Ilish’s words ring strongly and truly today. When measure triumph over meaning, and formality over freedom of thinking, society will produce but functioning machines instead of innovative, creative, and knowledgeable humans who could through collaboration, create a better future.

By Mariam Gamar

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