DÉBAT – Humeurs et actions de Seth Godin


L’article de Seth Godin “Moods and actions” était le sujet d’une séance de débat cette semaine. Nous avons invité les participants à échanger entre eux puis à rédiger un court texte qui exprime ce qu’ils pensent de l’article.

Voici ce qu’a écrit Intissar, participante à MOMKIN :

“By reading the article, I understood that the way I feel strongly affects the way I think and act. For example, if I’m in a bad mood, I tend to do anything, keeping myself away from everything. Even if I have things that need to be done that day, I postponed them until I feel good. But, I realized that it is not the ideal way to deal with it, and that I have to push myself do things even if I’m not feeling good. 

I also understood that how I act affects the way I feel and think, so, I just need  to adapt myself to the different situations I’m going to face, and manage how I feel, think and act, even if it’s difficult sometimes to do so. In his blog Seth shows the relationship between the way we feel and act, and how it can influences the way we think, according to him, humans are responsible for their acts and emotions and they can manage them and turn them into a positive thing.“

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