Children need art and stories and poems and music


DARDACHA’s session opened up with a presentation by Safaa Isaad on the article ““Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food and fresh air and play.”

After discussing the content of the article and the argument stating that when a child is exposed to art at a very early age, he or she becomes more creative, independent and critical thinker.

The debate moved from the article to Connect Institute’s participants themselves and their own personal relationships to art as children. They brought out various childhood narrations where they and art were the main protagonists.

Some mentioned how art was completely absent from their homes and schools. Others recalled how art classes such music was theoretical and they, as kids, were not able to touch a musical instrument. Some claimed that being exposed to art when they were children was a means to discover their talents in drawing or playing various instruments as an example. Some were mentioned that, as kids, they had a talent which disappeared due to the family and social pressure.

The participants were convinced of the following statements:

  • Writing & reading helps children understand their emotions, themselves and the others;
  • Art is a universal language which helps us open up on the world and thus open our minds;
  • Art reinforces the personality and transforms life perspectives;

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