TÉMOIGNAGES – Des étudiants de SIT Study abroad nous ont écrit


12 étudiants américains de SIT Study Abroad ont séjourné à Connect Institute.

Ils ont réfléchi, travaillé, mangé et dansé avec nos jeunes. Ils ont ensemble, en groupes, avec nos jeunes, choisi des sujets d’intérêt commun sur lesquels ils continueront de travailler.

A l’issue de leur séjour, voici ce que nous ont écrit trois d’entre eux :


Spécialité: Writing


I really enjoyed our time at the Connect Institute. I liked getting to know more about the history of the institute during your lecture, and how the education system and unemployment in Morocco affect one another. I thought that was probably the most useful and interesting part. I thought some of the questions afterward got a little off track, but they were still interesting and important and I could appreciate that.

My favorite part of the day was definitely getting to work with the students (and dancing with them!). I wish we had a little more time for discussion after we pitched our stories so we could build off of each other’s ideas. The students at the center are all so passionate and hard working and I loved getting to speak with them. They all love the institute and I think that makes it all the better. I am excited to see what Connect does in the future. Thank you so much for having us!


Spécialité: English


Dear Dr. Balafrej,

Thank you for your hospitality at the Connect Institute last week. I really benefited from conversing with all of the students and learning about the work you do to provide them with the tools to develop their critical thinking and creativity.

Your lecture gave me a good understanding of your mission and philosophy for education at the institute. The conversation that resonated with me was when you talked about some organizations doing work that is more of a treatment for a symptom, rather than a solution to systemic problems. This is also a problem we have with so many nonprofit organizations in the U.S., who provide services that help communities, but never fix the problem that caused these communities to be underprivileged in the first place. I have a lot of faith that you are making an effort to create individuals who will work towards systemic educational change in Morocco.

I also enjoyed learning about your life and how your journey to creating the Connect Institute progressed. I thought our whole visiting experience was an incredible opportunity make connections with Moroccan youth and hear about their concerns.

Thank you for a fun two days!


Spécialité: Journalism


Our time at the Institute was perhaps one of my favorite parts during our week-long southern excursion to Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Taroudant, and Agadir. All locations were gorgeous and I enjoyed them all so much, but the institute allowed me to meet and talk with actual Moroccan students, an opportunity I didn’t have until then. Whether it was learning how to perform a traditional dance or witnessing the film projects they produced, I really felt like the students wanted to engage us and I loved that.

Because of their friendliness, I was able to make friends with many of them and their insight into issues (some of it based on firsthand experiences) that my class and I are currently discussing was incredibly helpful. Our talk with the institute’s president was also enlightening; I feel like I learned a lot about educational issues in Morocco and it was encouraging to hear about someone who wants to change that.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed my time there and I would love to come again. I definitely am looking forward to hopefully working with a couple of them on any help I need with my ISP.

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