The edART program is coming to an end. Our participants are finalizing their projects in both fields: music & visual arts. In the music section, our participants composed 7 songs under the supervision of the artist Ali Faiq. In the visual art section, our participants prepared a photo exhibition, one stop motion film, more than 7 film projects and one contemporary dance with the help of Mr. Ahmed Boutgaba. All of these achievements happened in less than 8 months. Yes, our youth when they are in the right environment are able to create. The process of the making and creating is full of passion, challenges, commitment and team work: the core values that our participants are still enhancing to be successful artists and agents of positive change.
*edART is an initiative of Connect Institute financed by the European Union.
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Le nouvel écosystème EMY

Nous sommes convaincus que l’objectif “Empowering Moroccan Youth” se réalisera par le partage d’expérience, par l’immersion dans un environnement qui encourage la création et par la révélation de potentiels, d’où l’importance de l’écosystème qui est en train de se mettre en place.
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