Témoignage d’Ahmed Ouaben – Étudiant admis à ENS Rabat

I am writing this message just to inform you that I unfortunately will not be able to attend the closing ceremony of the EMY program.  Commuting between Rabat and Agadir will be difficult for me especially because the school has very strict rules for attendance. In fact, Connect Institute provides an appropriate environment for change.  EMY is a program that changed the way I perceive things in the external world. A program where I made new connections. A program where I had the chance to be monitored and taught. A program where my passion for technology increased. Everything was perfect. I really regret every meeting, session or event organized by Connect Institute that I missed because of some reasons. I will never forget this experience that influenced positively my life. All I can say is you are the perfect. You are the best. Now, I can touch and feel concretely the effects of your instructions on my life. Your vision for an alternative school will surely succeed because it is led by people who love this country. 
Thank you Connect Institute
Thank you Mr. Taha

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