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“Surround yourself with people who hold you to a higher standard than you hold yourself”


Ramona Maria Stanciu

When the other day I came to read the article, I told myself: yes, that’s it! And I went back in my life time, traying to connect the dots and see if the content of the article matches with my own experience. Yes, it does! I can clearly see that the moments I learnt more where the moments when I was surrounded with people who would know more than me, try to make more out of every situation, who would always challenge themselves and who would go out of their comfort zones. And it helped me! If I would surround myself only with people that were afraid of change, that were afraid of trying different things only because the path is was not known and well-marked, I would never have grown and have the principles I have today. Now I always search to do more and be more!

I do believe that nothing happens in our life without our consent. If we are in the wrong relationship it is only because we allow ourselves to be there. If we are unhappy at the work place is because we don’t take the risk and look for something different or better… and the list can go on and on! Our lives are just a reflection of our standards and of what we are willing to tolerate. If something doesn’t work the way you want then change it, don’t only lower your standard about how it’s supposed to work!

Did ever happened to you to have worked on something thinking is so good and then send it over to your coordinator or colleague to only get their feedback saying it needs more work? Oh, it happened to me so many times in the university and later on in my working place. Almost every time I got frustrated or annoyed commenting in my mind: but it was so good, what else does she/he want? This until I started revising and working more on it. To only find out that yes, I can do much better! The others with higher standards than mine knew I can more and that I have the tools to become better. It was only me who had lower standards.

As Steve Jobs once said it: “Life doesn’t have limits. Go on the path you want to go. Reach the peaks you want to reach. Everything depends of 2 things: your heart and your hands. Nothing more”. Yes, on your heart and hands also when it is about choosing the people to surround yourself with. If you are choosing the right partners, you can access new resources: the other’s person knowledge, experience, influence and potential. You only gain by partnering with people who bring something different to the table! These people will push you to hold yourself to a higher standard too!

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