MasterClass in script writing: 13 scenarios written by our youth


Last Friday, Mrs. Farida Benlyazid, a prominent figure of cinema in Morocco came to Connect Institute to transmit some of her knowledge to our young participants. The workshop focused on script writing and lasted for the whole day.

The morning session began with a general review of what cinema is while focusing on script writing. Farida gave many tips to our participants and among those is cultivating their imagination by reading. ‘The brain needs to be fed in order to produce‘ Farida stressed out.
Each one of the participants took time to write a synopsis of their scripts and met with Farida individually for feedback. In the afternoon, they developed the synopsis into scenes which they presented in front of their colleagues.
The day ended with a distribution of certificates and more follow up sessions will be scheduled for them to further develop their scripts.
The following are the titles of the stories:
Dilemma – Safaa Issaad
En Face – Hicham Boujja
Galérer, ce n’est pas si mauvais ! – Ayoub El Moudden
Karim – Assim Amezghal
Le moi qui se révèle – Fatima Zahra El Hafa
Le peintre sans bras – Mohamed Douhate
Malala du Douar – Ikbale Bouziane
Marbles – Maria Joudani
Mémoire – Lamiae Hmaiddout
Sadness in my mind – Ghizlane Ait Bouazza
The Ball – Hamza El Aallami
Une nouvelle génération – Soufiane Idelcadi

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