Khadija Amahal on “HIKAYAT 6” – The Storytelling Competition !


Khadija Amahal, EMY program participant.

Saturday, November 26th, Connect institute organized the sixth edition of hikayate storytelling. The event was hosted by Latifa Bella. After the guests registered their attendance ,the event started at 16.00. First Maria Joudani and Mohammed Douhate presented a short piece of theater and then Fahd a last year member of Edart program, played a piece of  rock-metal music using his electric guitar. Then the competition officially started by selecting participants at random.

First on stage was Noura who chose ‘Nostalgie ‘ as a title for her story. Then Zanouba benhassoun impressed the audience  with her funny spirit when she told a story about her bossy aunt. Then came Assim Anouar who shared an emotional story about his grand father who wanted to make a change in the world. Next was the turn of Mehdi Saadi who brought back the memories of his adolescence when he was a boy who didn’t like to abide by the rules and who preferred to live by his own.

Later Oumaima Bouchane told a story under the title of Sci-fic. Mohamed karim Ichaq tackled to a serious issue in our society which is gender discrimination and how it influences people who sometimes decide to end up their lives rather than to live in a hell caused by thoughtful humans .

After that, Mounir Yahyani took the audience in a small tour around the world by sharing some of the post cards he received from his friends in various countries. Ikbale Bouziane performed her story in a form of drama  during which she spoke about the struggles a girl faces in a society that causes her to take an unsuccessful suicide which leads to another struggle with family members who blame her for the actions she committed.

Next ,Ismail Lachheb described the rules that societies try to put on young people which limit their freedom and therefore kill their creativity. Then came the turn for Maria Joudani to tell her funny story  when she was a little girl who preferred the company of her dad and brothers rather than being girly all the time which made her mum name her ‘bouchaib’ .

The final participant was not on schedule but he insisted to contribute with his participation and since in connect everyone is welcome,he was allowed to participate which was no regret because he brought so much fun to the audience by sharing his childhood memory when he was a kid who liked to be alone and create his own imaginary world  until the moment he grew up and became who he is today .

After all the participants delivered their stories, everyone in the room was given a piece of paper to mark the number of their favorite performance.

So,while counting votes ,Sanae,a member of connect institute organizing team gave few emotional words which made her and the audience cry since it was her last time in this institute before starting a new chapter of her life.

Later on, the whole room was filled with a great sensation created by young talented people. Everyone was singing, clapping and enjoying their time. Time for announcing the results came, but first certificates were delivered to all the participants and the two winners were’ kbale Bouzian’ and ‘Mohammed Karim Ichaq’. Finally a group picture was taken in the institute’s back yard.

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