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Four levels of dealing with social pressure



Society puts so much pressure on young people to look, think and act in a certain way. These social standards are made to fit everyone into one box not respecting people’s individuality and creativity. Social pressures can be confusing and stressful, especially for a young person who may feel compelled to deal with this pressure in a way or another.

Some people are comfortable in the familiarity of ignorance and mediocrity, they make peace with society and behave by the society’s handbook of what’s acceptable.

And some are aware of the graveness of their situation, they criticize the system, and they’re frustrated about the current condition in which they feel trapped, but never actually change things.

There are also those in motion, the ones trying to fix things, but they get cut up in the process and can’t bring themselves into taking actions that lead to real change. They procrastinate and over-prepare out of fear that their actions might not be effective.

Last, we have the change makers, and these are the rare ones. They are very practical, once they’ve made a decision they start on a working plan and put it into action. Instead of conformingtheychooseresistance.

We are constantly influenced by those around us, but the decision to act (or not to act) is ours. So when it comes to your life, the choice is always yours.

By Maria Joudani



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