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FLASH de La L-97


On the way to Rabat, I took the most crowded train in my life ever. I got in, it was hot with almost no oxygen. A person decided to leave the train and not even begin the journey. Another woman called all her family to complain that she is going to faint and that it is unbearable. However, in front of me, there were 3 people whom I focused on who made jokes and I joked back with them…. I did not feel the four hours of the journey.
Reflecting on this, I saw the train as a good emblem of life, some give up or complain and others enjoy it and overcome challenges….

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FLASH de La Lettre N°77

Dans le hall de cet établissement public, deux dames d’un certain âge papotent, ont l’air de bien se connaître. Passe alors un monsieur portant un badge qui indique qu’il est employé dans cet établissement…
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