DÉBAT – Exposé sur une brève histoire de l’avenir



Asma et Mhayss ont fait un excellent exposé bilingue au sujet d’un article d’une actualité brûlante.

Voici ce qu’a écrit Asma Achmahou :

On Thursday, March 15th, 2018, me and my colleague Mohamed Mhayss took the initiative to do a presentation followed by a discussion, based on the article written by James Altucher under the name of  “A brief history of tomorrow”. During our presentation, we referred to different ideas mentioned in the two books of «Sapiens» so as «Homo Deus» by Yuval Noah Harari, starting with the evolution of humanity, explaining the three major revolutions that shaped human history 2 million years ago, moving to the changes that occurred in human relationships and communication in addition to  the cognitive development that affects the nature of the economy nowadays and changed it from material-based economy to knowledge-based. not only that, but it leads also to the declining of the international violence. the last part of our presentation discussed the possible roads to the future due to the rise of artificial intelligence and the possibility that the latter will become the dominant life-form on earth.

We concluded by saying our last word about what did we learn from the research we made and the presentation itself. Personally, I have learned to adapt to the changes in the world and look forward instead of going back, and always seeking for knowledge because it is the main assets.

The participants showed a huge interest in the topic through asking questions and making comments on our presentation. here is what one of the participants said : “the presentation was so rich of valuable information and it is the first time for me to write three pages on my notebook in a DARDACHA session. Now I feel motivated to read the two books and explore more details about it.”

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