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A group discussion at Connect Institute – Report by : Khadija Amahal


Thursday ,December the 8th 2016, Emy participants attended an open discussion meeting with Mr Taha Balafrej at connect institute.

The meeting was generally about these ideas:

All humans have the same capabilities and readiness to learn but what makes a difference is how we use our devices. For example one of the reasons why Americans are high achievers is that they use approximately 75 to 90 per cent of their potentials whereas most Moroccans only use 15 per cent . In addition to that, we might explain their great performance by having the right environment that encourages creativity. That’s why connect institute provides the platform and the necessary tools for learners to go out of their comfortable zone and free their creativity to create something new.

The only thing that participants are asked to do is to be motivated and to work hard enough by pushing themselves forward and not limit their potentials to the same activities they are used to.

It is of paramount importance to believe in ourselves to be able to create novel things, to be productive and beneficial for self and the other.

It is heartbreaking to be offered a place that provides all what is necessary to learn and therefore create something that will mark our existence. And yet not take advantage of it.

Last Saturday we had a meeting with MR Taha and discussed the progress in our projects with our group members and decided that is necessary to give some sort of description to Ramona by Monday. Nevertheless, only 3 people kept their word  and provided a primary description of their project.

What is wrong? Why such a delay? Why don’t participants take their work seriously although there is a price for the winning projects .

So far ‘p+100+20’ is the best exercise to boost communication skills without facing an actual audience.

The choice for books is perfect as it suits all tastes and levels. There are two English books, two French books and two Arabic books.

In life in general we should not postpone a group’s progress just because one member is not taking his/her work seriously.

There are four main reasons why participants come to connect:

             1-Having a course’talk,MOOC,colors,acting….’

             2-attending ecosystem meetings’cimag,ciplay ….’

             3-meeting with project group members

           4-offering a help: cleaning,decorating,organizing. Basically contributing to make the place vivid.

Humans are used to blame extrinsic factors for everything negative in life. But they should face the facts and see the positive side of everything.

Agadir city does not offer many opportunities for young people. That’s why conncet is the starting point for us to make use of our talents and capabilities to make a radical change in our surrounding.

By emphasizing on the importance of change and taking any task seriously, Mr Taha is trying to convey how frustrating it is to let chances go bynjust because of laziness and lack of seriousness. Further more ,he admitted how proud he is of what is achieved so far in the institute. Many young people started unaware of their capabilities but meanwhile being in connect they discovered their  hidden talents.

People should never be satisfied with the knowledge they have because there are oceans of missed wisdom. As Albert Einstein “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know”.

The real challenge about any initiative is to keep it going on with enthusiasm and make it a real success. CImag is a great example of commitment as it is the first magazine in Morocco that presents creative articles about issues that concern different categories in our society.

Tamakkoun is an association that creates links between old and new members in connect institute to exchange ideas, projects and knowledge in general.

Certificate can easily be retrieved but they don’t have any real value because they do not demonstrate what a person is capable of . That’s why Cibadges is the right method to confirm a person’s competence and their entitlement of a particular job opportunity.

As a conclusion ,the real win in life is happiness. A person might be very wealthy but not satisfied. On the other hand, many people have a very simple life style but are very peaceful because of their humanity. People who created concrete things such as poems ,books ,music or inventions are always recalled for what they offered. However rich people are not very known because money is not the essence of life.

Let’s take advantage of the opportunities we are given and learn how to manage our time to create something beneficial for us and future generations and not waste time on useless activities. Everyone is able to do something as long as they are motivated to give their time and energy to fulfill it.

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