Visite de Mr. D. Bush Ambassadeur des États-Unis



Mr. Dwight Bush, ambassadeur des Etats-Unis à Rabat, nous a rendu visite et a pris connaissance des réalisations personnelles et artistiques des participants au programme EMY. Il a improvisé quelques commentaires qui confortent les enseignements de notre Institut et il a répondu à quelques questions, notamment sur sa définition du succès et sur son emploi du temps.

Voici un extrait de son speech:

[…]  when I stand in front of younger people and someone says, this is an opportunity for me to build self esteem. This is an opportunity for me to explore myself. This is an opportunity for me to take some risks. This is an opportunity to think about what I am passionate about. This is where it starts; the ambassadors that you are making of yourselves today are going to take you very far and that is the primary reason why this is so significant for me. The second reason why it is so significant for me is because I see the impact of our programs both through [….] the EMY program and through MEPI program.

[….] It makes me feel good that we are investing in a way that is causing others to want to join us. And clearly, it was something that cause those of you who are primary in the program to reach out to your friends and say hey this is something you may want to concern.

The things I want you all to think about is continuing to invest in these core competencies, developing passion for what you can do, developing communication skills, and just learning how to think outside of the box to manage the difference between the expectations of what you do and how you get to these expectations by doing whole different things and trying different directions

 […] When I think that I have added some value to the people that is what success is and when I take the time to think about what I have accomplished today and what I will accomplish tomorrow […] ” – Mr. Dwight L. Bush





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