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Deux autres histoires de réussite


Sara Anayani– [21 years old – Tan Tan – Graduate in English Studies]

During her first interview, she could not speak loud enough. Sara began rehearsing every week with Connect Institute’s BAND (ciBAND). Since we believed in her, Sara now wants to become a singer and she is able to sing in front of 300 people.


Mohamed Douhate– [26 years old – Tikiouine – secondary school level]

Mohamed was 10 when his family decided to come back from France to Morocco. Due to integration issue, he dropped out of school at an early age. Since he joined Connect Institute, he committed himself to passing his middle school exams and to sending daily writing and reading exercises. Thanks to the support he receives, he, so far, wrote 70 article summaries in 4 months and feels self-satisfied.

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