RÉDACTION – Will You Choose Alive Time or Dead Time?


Pour l’exercice 100 mots de cette semaine, nous avons invité les participants à lire et discuter de l’article “Will You Choose Alive Time or Dead Time ?” afin de rédiger une synthèse de 100 mots qui comporte un résumé du contenu ainsi que leur point de vue sur le sujet.

Voici le texte de Samira :

“The article talks about two types of time: alive time and dead time, the first one when you sit and wait until things happen to you. The other when you are in control every second, when you grow and improve.

It is important to move forward no matter how horrific situations we go through, we must learn, innovate and produce, instead of spending time making excuses, complaining about our unhappy lives. Everything in my own life that I am unhappy with, is my fault, and it’s my responsibility. The future is what we make, it is not something that happens on its own.

At this time, what we live today because of the quarantine, it’s our choice to either make our time dead or alive, we do not control what happened, but we do control how we respond to it.”

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