RÉACTION – L’équipe propose, Abdelhadi réagit


Étant donné que nos jeunes viennent travailler même les jours hors programme, nous leur avons proposé, lors d’une réunion, d’ouvrir un petit stand de vente de repas dans le but de garder une alimentation saine, puis de pousser les jeunes intéressés à créer un petit projet à revenus.

Quelques minutes après la réunion Abdelhadi a envoyé un texte pour exprimer son point de vue.

“Today, we were gathered to have a little discussion with Taha. At first I did not know what are we going to talk about since we do not have any sessions this week. We settled down and paid attention to what Taha is going to say.

After tackling many ideas concerning change be it in behavior or mentality, he focused on one main idea, that is the habit of eating unhealthy food whenever and wherever. Adopting the strategy of FAPA (Fact, Analyze, Plan and Action).

The fact was, as Taha stated, that when plates are not offered at Connect Institute, participants tend to consume unhealthy food. From his analysis he could deduce that Moroccans in general know exactly that the junk food they consume is unhealthy and will devastate their health on the long-term, but they go for it because they have no other choice.
The plan was to create our alternative choice, that is to say, we create ciSNACK, as Taha suggested. At Connect Institute we will make our food and guarantee quality and healthiness. Our action is as follows, Two participants will create this space and be charged to cook, prepare sandwiches and sell them to MOMKINISTS.

I liked the idea so much. In this way we will keep ourselves healthy and safe from diseases.”

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