HIKAYAT #17 : histoires gagnantes


Connect Institute a organisé le jeudi 21 février la 17éme édition de HIKAYAT, une compétition de storytelling.

Cette édition a rassemblé plus de 80 personnes dont 18 sont des étudiants américains du programme SIT qui sont venus avec leur encadrante Ursula Lindsey (journaliste dans le New York Times).

En plus des participants de Connect Institute, Ursula et 4 de ses étudiants ont participé à la compétition et ont raconté des histoires.

Voici des extraits des histoires des deux gagnants : Marad (MOMKIN19) ET Austin (SIT) :  

Histoire de Morad :

“On my way back home, I was on a crowded bus. I set down on the stairs of the bus

door and took out a book to read. Despite the cacophony I managed to stay focused

on my reading as the book was so engaging. It was an hour long ride. I was enjoying my book until I heard a sudden voice that is very distinguished from the crowd’s chit chat-ting. A tall, thin man speaking out loud addressing everybody. He was a beggar.

I could not focus, so I had to pause until the situation is over. A few minutes later of

the awkward state that most people were in – as the man addresses individuals when

he walked by them, inciting them to help him out – was over, he eventually left the

bus. I resumed reading the book, and the cacophony has resumed as well. After

awhile a woman got on the bus also begging. I’ve put my book aside and just sat

there reliving the awkward moment. After she left I was thinking about the whole thing

which reminded me of the Youtube ads in a way. Think about it, the bus is the chea-

pest form of transportation services we could use. We ideally pay 4 Dhs to get to wherever the bus would go. Doesn’t matter how far it is, as long as the bus could get

there we could get there as well with no additional charges. In my case I have a

one-hour ride but it cost me only 4DHs, nevertheless there is always a catch.”


Histoire de Austin:

“I was working in Alaska, in a Cafe. On my day off I decided to go hiking. I didn’t follow any trail, I believed that my instinct would lead me to where I wanted to go which was the beach.

On my way I found a cliff. And I knew that behind the cliff there was a trail. So I decided to take the risk and climb the cliff even thought it was obviously dangerous. Few feets into the climb, I realized how terrible this idea was as there was stones falling off the cliff as I climbed.

I finally got close to the top of the cliff. I only needed to make two more moves and I’ll be fine. Just as I made my last move, a rock fill off the cliff and I lost balance and fill right backward. My face hit the ground many times.

And that’s how I got this scar on my face”

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