Sarah Rose Graber

FEED#68: Sarah Rose Graber


After a series of activities with the Connect Institute participants, Sarah Rose Graber delivered a FEED session in which she talked about her life and how she become who she is today. Sarah shared with the attendees her love for horses ever since she was a very young girl. Due to her parents’ financially humble situation, she could not go horse-riding nor travel the world during holidays just like the rest of her friends. However, her persistence and accomplishment to go after what she loves made her look for a way to make her dreams come true. She went for a quest for stables in which she could work in exchange of riding a horse. Besides the childhood dream of becoming a horse rider, Sarah decided to move to turning the dream of travelling into reality. After countless failures, she managed to get the world’s most prestigious scholarship: Fulbright.

 “We never stop growing; we never stop falling; we never stop succeeding.” One should know how to seize the chances that life hands us, and be ready when luck happens, for that is the first step towards success. Despite partly believing in luck and serendipity, happy coincidence, Sarah never assumed that things were meant to happen the way they did. After losing the elections in her high-school, she analyzed the situation, detected the problem, solved it, and won the elections in her second attempt. Thanks to the morals she deduced from her previous ups and downs, she was able to create a community in which values and ethics are the dominant ingredients, and making sure everybody is evolving is the mission.

In an acknowledgment of Connect Institute, Sara said: “Connect Institute is very progressive; I haven’t seen anything similar to this in the entire world because it takes everyone to come and work hard for this to happen.” At the end, she advised the participants to make sure their hard-work is strategic and intentional, as well as being persistent and chasing after what they are passionate about.

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