DÉBAT – Mémoire !


Les jeunes de MOMKIN 19 ont visionné et débattu autour d’une vidéo intitulée “Internet affaiblit-il notre mémoire ?”.

Après une longue discussion et quelques questionnements sur l’impact qu’a internet sur notre mémoire ou même dans notre vie, ils ont travaillé en groupe et ont été invités à exposer leur opinion sur le sujet.

Voici le texte de Widad : 

On the morning of the 25 th October, we watched a video about how artificial intelligence or rather the existence of data is making the human being lose his ability to memorize information. We rely on technology in everything from birthday dates and phone numbers to having the national library of France in a 200 euro hard drive.
In my personal opinion, I believe that devices have killed our creativity, our free will of thinking, our ability to analyze and even the curiosity and hunger for general culture like art or history or geography.
We don’t feel the necessity to memorize things anymore, why should we? We already have access to everything we could want, just a click away.
I speak from personal experience when I say that technology changed my life radically. When I was a kid I used to practice multiple fields of art like drawing, writing, poetry and reading. I even participated in local competitions, but ever since I got my first smart phone at the age of 15, I stopped doing most of what used to be my hobbies and that’s quite unfortunate.
It is true that technology comes with many privileges and advantages but we ought to learn how to use it for our most effective benefit.

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