COP 22

COP22 : Nos jeunes y étaient



Three of the Connect Institute program participants have been volunteering in the Climate Open Zone eco-festival held by Zero Zbel Association, in parallel with the COP22.

Ikbale, Jamale, and Amerraq have been helping with the music, photography, check-in, and other organizational aspects of the event. Our youth were lucky to meet different people from various nationalities, network with other organizations, and discuss the possible future connections with them. The skills and capacities that these youth have reinforced within the Institute enabled them to easily interact with the hosting team, suggest solutions, and most of all prove themselves to be a good example of aspiring Moroccan youth. In addition to this, the CI participants chose to promote for change through a short play that they, themselves, wrote, directed, and performed.

All the combined elements above prove that change is a bottom-up process that should normally start from the youth through empowerment, engaging them in society related activities, and providing them with the needed tools to progress and lead a successful life.

By Ikbale Bouziane

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