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Après un mois riche en apprentissage avec Alaisha et Erica (MIT), Soufiane Gouiferda, participant au programme MOMKIN, a réalisé un bras robotique contrôlé par Bluetooth.

Voici ce qu’il a écrit pour expliquer son travail :

The use of the robotic solutions in the producing industry has played a big rule in our society, understanding how this type of technology works requires a lot of effort and research, I’ve decided to take another approach to learn about it. By using what was provided on ciLAB from tools and materials, I decided to build a bluetooth remoted robotic arm.

I’ve personally been attempting to learn Arduino projects from a while, and in that time, the robot arm has been the best and easiest learning experience I’ve had , thanks to connect institute makerspace initiative ciLAB and what we’ve learned from it, especially by the MIT students Alaisha Alexander and Erica Zhou, and the projects i’ve worked on since then, they thought us how to work with different circuit components like Arduino and led lights.. etc, it showed us how it’s easy to make a really concrete professional project.

The robotic arm was no different from other projects we’ve seen and done, it’s true that a good model of that project has many technical challenges, that are very complicated, and require a rigorous and complex programming and mechanical knowledge, but to start making and not thinking about it was a key factor to do the project, And once all the components and plan was set and ready, it was easy to start.

This project started as a little demonstration on how to work with servo motors with Arduino, controlled from a Smartphone by bluetooth, now it uses 2 servo motors and it’s planned to use more, for better and more flexibility and more movement abilities for the arms, that are made from plastic and hard paper, all together moving and standing on a small wood panel base.

More future ideas and adjustments are planned to develop the project, so as a detailed documentation and demonstration sessions for others to learn how it works, and encourage others to like electronics and make their ideas come true.

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