Soulima 1

SOULIMA 1 – Report by : Maria Joudani.


On Saturday, December 24th, 2016 at 3:30 pm, Connect Institute hosted SOULIMA, a competition for video making, in order to help connect those interested in making videos and provide them a platform to showcase their products.

9 videos were selected to compete for a place in the upcoming Masterclass organized by “L’Ecole Supérieure Alternative’’ and facilitated by Farida Benlyazid. The videos were broadcasted in front of an audience of 62 people.

After the viewing jury, made of Lamiaa Hmaiddout, Ahmed Boutgaba, Boubker Oumouli took time to deliberate while for the audience to enjoyed a short film made by Abdellah Jarid an edART alumni, a musical performance by Fahd Jamad and discovered the products of the ecosystem through the testimonies of the participants.

Before announcing the winner, the jury took the liberty to give participants some advice on how they can improve their work, and demonstrated how important it is to write a script and have a clear idea of what the video or the film should convey as a message. Based on these criterias the Jury named Lahoucine Boussaber winner of the first edition of SOULIMA.

Following is the list of videos broadcasted during the event:

  • Lahoucine Boussaber: Réfraction
  • Mohamed Ellimouni: Cauchemar
  • Mehdi Saadi : الحلم المغربي
  • Ayman Sarti: تعرف على تأثير الفراشة
  • Abderrahman EL ABDI: Make life from death
  • Essediq Ghatous: Ahwash
  • Mounir Yahyani: Ntla9aw f Tri9
  • Lotfi Souidi: A visual Journey through the Atlas
  • Aziz Boujaha: Aziz et mentalité XBOX


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