Les participants de Connect Institute ont échangé avec le violoniste prodige Elad Levi


Le samedi 24 décembre 2022, des participants du réseau Connect Institute ont eu le privilège de pouvoir échanger avec le violoniste prodige Elad Levi. Arrangeur et directeur musical, il est un grand amoureux de la musique Andalouse. Elad a raconté son parcours, son histoire avec la musique et a même chanté quelques morceaux de musique Andalouse avec les jeunes en hébreux et en arabe.

​Voici ce que Hiba Bachiri, participante MAHIR Benguerir, a rédigé sur la rencontre :

On the 24th of December, at the Connect Institute we had the great pleasure to exchange with Elad Levi, a jewish violinist of moroccan descent. He shares his account of his musical career and shares his passion for Andalusian music. This latter carries a rich history and cultural significance.

Elad Levi, a young prodigy with a Moroccan father and Jewish heritage, spoke about the importance of intergenerational communication in preserving this art form. He shared how Andalusian music was traditionally played in synagogues and during holidays as a way to connect with the divine and bring people together. When Jewish people migrated to Israel, they fought to keep their cultural heritage with them, and Andalusian music was one of the traditions that was transformed and adapted to new lyrics. Elad’s passion for his roots and traditions was evident in his words and music.

During the encounter, each participant had the opportunity to sing and experience the collective heritage of moroccan-jewish Andalusian music. This highlights the fact that heritage knows no boundaries or borders and is a vital part of our identity and source of prosperity.

To truly appreciate and value culture, it is important to love and have a genuine appreciation for what you do. As Elad stated, “the only way to make the audience appreciate what you do is when you yourself love what you do”. This sentiment captures the essence of cultural transmission through love and appreciation.

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