ART CULINAIRE – Hygiène avec Laura et Amine


Animée par Laura Javello, enseignante de management hôtelier, et Amine Ouammou, restaurateur et entrepreneur, une dizaine de nos jeunes ont eu l’occasion cette semaine d’assister à une séance centré sur les règles d’hygiène et les mécanisme d’organisation mis en place pour simplifier l’entretien et la gestion des cuisines dans les métiers de la restauration.

Voici ce qu’en a pensé Maryem :

“My view of cuisine and food has witnessed a big change, it became a love story we could say! 

It all started when I became more concerned about my health and started to make my own meals. A colorful, healthy, delicious dish after 45 min cardio workouts and a nice bath, what a happy and peaceful moment to find myself after that drown in its details, adding new ingredients and omitting some.

In today’s session, we had a theoretical course, which is basically an introduction to the immense world of catering and its hygiene in the job market, animated by the two young motivated chefs, Laura Javello, a hotel manager, who started with this domaine after getting a scientific baccalaureate degree and a master’s degree in Lyon, France, to carry on with her career in Morocco, working in different hotels and teaching currently in “Universiapolis”. The other chef is Amine Ouammou, a restaurateur and entrepreneur who has got a scientific baccalaureate degree as well and choosed to start his career in this domaine. Working in different foreign countries (France, Belgium, Spain) and having a long experience with the most prestigious hotels, Amine is now working on his own restaurant project.

Throughout the session, they’ve taken us on a tour to the cuisine and its various components , or what we call “The 5 Ms’ “, showing us different zones and how different specialities and profiles are there. 

The session helped me learn more about the domain and I realized how different and enormous each sector of this domain is. 

Laura and Amine have insisted on the importance of having the suitable and required characteristics so as to succeed in this field, as it requires a lot of skills and patience especially in the beginning. One has to be sociable, team worker and most importantly very passionate about what they do, something we could easily see and feel about Laura and Amine.

I personally liked the session and it encouraged me to take some trainings or maybe a diploma in parallel with my studies, nothing for, but to feed the pleasure and maybe helping myself financially in the future.

Glad to have such a great opportunity to attend these classes, looking forward to our next meetings!”

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